Why are we procuring freight like it’s still 1999?

How do you manage your freight procurement process?

How the tech revolution changed our lives 💻

With the advent of technology many day to day aspects of our life have been transformed. We use applications on our phone to better manage our money, we use uber to instantly hail a ride to get from point A to point B, and we use google to find that new brunch spot over the weekend. Yet, when it comes to moving cargo from one location to another logistics managers still use emails and even fax machines to interact with the parties involved to coordinate a shipment. With so much technology around us its hard to think companies are procuring freight quotes in such an inefficient manner.

The problem with freight procurement today 📦

Procuring freight quotes is often a lengthy and cumbersome process requiring logistics managers to often times. The largely offline process requires shippers to send about 10 – 20 emails per shipment to a list of “trusted” freight forwarders. Even with the outreach to this trusted list it can take up to two weeks to receive a spot and almost 6 months to receive a contracted quote! The bigger challenge comes after accepting a quote where a shipper and a forwarder will be exchanging emails back and forth over what documents are needed to actually execute the shipment.

PalletPal to the rescue 🚀

Platforms like PalletPal are cutting the procurement times for freight by up to 90%! Instead of going through the traditional process of emails, phone calls, and fax you can complete a shipment in just three clicks!

1. Select a quote on our platform

2. Customize your credit terms

3. Select your preferred method of payment

Sit back, and watch your goods move!

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