What's (finally) fueling the digital shift in logistics?

Logistics has long been one of the most archaic and immutable industries. Yet, following decades of complacency, the industry is finally succumbing to technological change.

A yearning for customer centricity

  • Traditional, offline freight is a lengthy & inconvenient process
  • Customers often wait over 2 weeks just to receive a quote
  • 40+ back and forth emails & phone calls are exchanged simply to secure a booking
  • Obtaining and filing documents is inefficient, redundant, time-consuming & tedious
  • Tracking is difficult & unreliable
  • 3 out of 4 GCC SMEs & mid-market enterprises claim they struggle to ship their goods

Dinosaur age processes

  • Manual & paper-based processes dominate freight transactions - far more than in most industries
  • Only 5 of 20 top freight forwarders send automated confirmation emails & even fewer provide instant quotes
  • Companies still rely on emails, calls, and fax to exchange info (time-consuming & error prone)
  • Companies see over 80% of data trapped across outdated channels

Creative disruption on all fronts

  • Digital-native startups - such as PalletPal -  are emerging across the supply chain ecosystem to build lean, dynamic, and efficient operations and business models that are fueling the realization of the future of shipping & cross-functional logistics
  • The proliferation of APIs, machine learning, AI & distributed ledger tech has accelerated adoption
  • Traditional players are following suit - digitizing booking processes & go-to-market strategies
  • Consumers of tomorrow are the change agents of today - calling for automated, faster, greener, and more transparent shipping

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